18 April 2012

Investor of Ciaran Maguire Group

The finance for the property then comes from a 70% mortgage which is provided by the relevant bank. The mortgage payment per month is covered by an 8% rental guarantee. The 30% is a loan paid back to the developer at 0% per month. This means that the actual capital is coming off the apartment that you own from day one. The developer’s loan is paid back over 7 years, and in this time your repayment mortgage also has an element of capital being paid off. For any owners of property they will know that this means the normal repayment mortgage over a 20 or 25 year term is dramatically reduced. The risk associated with this kind of investment will be minimal. The reason for that is that the development has to produce the rental guarantee.

Palm View unique agreement allows our holiday home owners to benefit from owning a property abroad, capitalize on a guaranteed fixed rental income, enjoy their personal usage and in take advantage of the opportunity to take full time occupation of the property at the end of the lease. Also included for the investor at Palm View Resorts is the apartment will be delivered to them in turn key, fully furnished with the latest of interior design including, plasma TV’s fully fitted kitchens and luxury dining and bedroom suites, it is built and furnished to 5 star condition and refurbished every 3 years. The apart hotel resorts will be home to fine dining restaurants bars and casinos.

Ciaran Maguire the President and Chairman has worked with a team of engineers, project managers architects and interior designers to deliver the Palm View Resorts Living. The luxury brand of Palm View Resorts opens with Boa Vista in Cape Verde and continues with the developments on the stunning islands of the Carribean in Bequia and St Lucia.

Research into Cape Verde Economics of Trade & Tourism

Ciaran Maguire Group continued their research into Cape Verde economics of Trade & Tourism to receive prolific figures which enabled them to make the right decision on where their land acquisition would take them so that they would have the right investment for all investors wishing to purchase executive luxury beach suites and apartments.
The investors began their journey by attending seminars and receiving extensive research material so that they could see for themselves what their investment would bring to them in growth and also income.

Ciaran Maguire Group
Ciaran Maguire Group

Ciaran Maguire the President and Chairman who has extensive experience as a developer provided a unique business model so that the clients investing in the Palm View Resorts would not have to put down the normal 30% deposit required to make any purchase of a property overseas. His philosophy was to always keep the client to a minimum risk. The business model set up by the Irish Entrepreneur allows a reservation fee of €6k as the initial outlay to purchase one of the luxurious apartments on Palm View Resort, Cape Verde or Palm View Golf Resort St Lucia, and indeed Palm View Beach & Spa Resort Bequia.

12 April 2012

Ciaran Maguire Group: Bringing you the Luxury Real Estate of your Dreams

The Ciaran Maguire Group is the innovative leading company when it comes to the luxurious overseas real estate industry. As you would expect from the luxury brand, the Hotel Resort provides amenities such as restaurants, casino and night club for the more adventurous holiday maker. The resort hosts The Water Sports Shack a place for unlimited fun snorkelling, diving paragliding and jet skis and The Palm View Resort Beach Bar destined to be a favourite with it’s No shoes policy, drinks served out of coconuts and colourful glasses. With Ciaran Maguire Group, you can’t help but join in the delightful ambience as you watch the sun, melt into hues of orange and reds as it sets in the Paradise sky.
The Palm View Resorts offers its investors membership worldwide to visit any of the Palm View Resorts in Cape Verde, St Lucia and Bequia. The Sale & Leaseback Agreement that continues to provide everyday persons an opportunity to be part of the Next Generation of Beach Front Ownership.

The 100% finance was brain child of Ciaran Maguire President of Ciaran Maguire Group, who springing up from his background of a Family Run Development Business in Ireland conducted acquisitions of land worldwide producing a land holding that is now being developed today.

Ciaran Maguire Group
Ciaran Maguire Group
Ciaran Maguire has said that it was important that the supply and demand of each country was carefully investigated and that each development that the company will build will ensure maximum returns for investors involved. This philosophy has been the driving force behind the company soon to complete Palm View Resort Cape Verde Boa Vista in 2012.