23 March 2012

Ciaran Maguire Group in Kuala Lumpur

Introduction of the Palm View Resorts 
The introduction of the Palm View Resorts by Ms Yang Po in Kuala Lumpur

Mr Ciaran Maguire the Chairman of Ciaran Maguire Group Presents Palm View to Investors in Kuala Lumpur

Ciaran Maguire receives a standing ovation
Mr Ciaran Maguire receives a standing ovation after his presentation.

Investors rush to reserve their unit on the Palm View Resort

Clients signing for their Palm View Property

Mrs Yang Po speaking with investors
Investors selecting their Palm View Units from Plans

15 March 2012

Sale & Leaseback

This strategy become popular in France, and historically required a 30% deposit for the property.  There is normally a guaranteed rental paid on a monthly basis which covers the mortgage payments and this way the property would pay for itself and at the end of the term, you have a freehold property.
Sale & Leaseback100% Lending

One particular developer Ciaran Maguire Group called Palm View Resorts in St Lucia & Cape Verde has the following business model 6k Euro Reservation Fee. The apartment/villa is purchased at a 70% mortgage 8% rental guarantee covers the mortgage payments.The apartment/villa is purchase fully furnished with a refurbishment package every 3 years 30% developers loan is gifted at 0% and paid back monthly4 weeks a year usage.

This means that the investment is completely leveraged, as an investor it is low risk as the returns are guaranteed and the amount  required for the purchase is minimal at 6k Euros.

St Lucia

The tropical island paradise of Saint Lucia is the perfect haven for romance, adventure and home to some of nature's most precious natural beauties.  The tourism industry booms alongside the neighboring islands of Barbados & Mystique.

14 March 2012

Palm View Living

The architectural theme and style of the resort will be evocative of familiar high end resorts reflecting sophisticated layouts and facades. The very low percentage rate of building density stipulated by Cape Verde’s Planning Authority allows the resort to be very spaciously laid out while also incorporating beautiful areas of landscaped grounds.

All properties will come in supreme turn-key condition with stylish and comfortable furniture and fittings selected by an award winning interior design team. Palm View Resort insistence on high standards of construction and finishes will ensure it achieves the expectations of being one of the worlds most acclaimed resorts.

The overall development was designed by an award winning team with great attention to preserve the unique local ecological environment, with conservation and Eco-awareness being to the forefront of the design process. In promoting sustainability and energy efficiency, solar panels will be installed to provide a renewable energy source to help in heating water. Also in keeping with our sustainability principles a water recycling system will be installed whereby ‘grey’ water can be used to help irrigate the lush landscaped grounds envisaged for the resort.

Why Invest in the Palm View Resort and Cape Verde : 

According to an IMF report in December 2009 GDP growth in Cape Verde held at 4% despite the economic downturn with this figure set to increase to 7.4% in 2013.

The IMF praised the prudent management and strong economic foundations undertaken by the Cape Verdean government  which has allowed the country to resist the impact of the global crisis well.( IMF Report December 2009)

Growth is expected to pick up, with inflation remaining low(IMF review 2009)

The GDP per Capita at current prices in US dollars in Cape Verde was reported at 3444.70 U.S. dollars in 2009, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2015, Cape Verde's GDP per Capita at current prices in US dollars is expected to be 5040.43 U.S. dollars.(Wikipedia)

Between 2000 and 2009, real GDP increased by over 7% per year, well above the average for small islands countries. The economy is service orientated, with a small part of GDP contributing from agriculture and fishing.  (IMF report)

Cape Verde: The European Caribbean

Cape Verde
According to legend when God was satisfied with creation he brushed his hands together,and the crumbs that fell from his fingers into the sea formed the Cabo Verde Islands.

“Walking through these islands is like making a blind man see..Charles Darwin”

The captivating Islands of Cape Verde still holds the attraction that Darwin found so irresistible when he sailed the Oceans in The Beagle 1832.

Cape Verde Islands situated in the Central Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Western Africa, just one hour south of the Canary islands where the world’s routes cross and meet, the archipelago of ten Islands join three continents.

Crystal blue waters meet soft sandy beaches, and a truly undiscovered paradise will greet you with the warm hospitality from the Islanders, who bring a fascinating combination of European, Latin and Afro culture.

The tradition s best reflected by their passion for music as well as the local cuisine, mouth wateringly famed foods made with the Sea Fresh fish and sea foods cooked in a myriad of culinary ways.

In this idyllic sun drenched location, tourists and holidaymakers have made the Islands their destination of choice, since early 2008 discovering a haven for relaxation and a playground for all water sports, deep sea fishing diving and kite surfing.

Recently voted top 3 in the Lonely Planets Guide for Must Visit destination of 2011 it’s of little surprise that investors have been increasingly attracted to take up their position as the next generation for beach front ownership.

Equally pleasing for the investor is the Cape Verde governments’ strict legislation for low density and low rise developments.

The country benefits from political and religious stability, increasing economic growth and provide the right environment to produce an exceptional return.

Investment into Cape Verde

Benefiting from the position within the tropic of Cancer benefit from a year round average daily temperature of between 27C to 31C. Due to Cape Verde’s position in the Atlantic Ocean it shares the same latitude as Barbados, making it an all year round sun soaked haven.

Cape Verde is experiencing economic growth at a very steady rate. It is rated as one of the top destinations to holiday and was voted the top property investment location on the Channel 4 TV series “A Place in the Sun”

TheMoveChannel.com listed Cape Verde in its’ Top Ten, in its’ latest Top of the Props Report. In August Cape Verde attracted 2.94 per cent of all enquiries on the overseas property portal.

  • Cape Verde Government continue to invest in tourism and infrastructure with new shopping areas, hospitals and health centres recently opened in Boa Vista.
  • Billions of Euros have been invested into the Island and is supported by government expenditure to enhance infrastructure, service and utilities.
  • Cape Verde is easily accessed from Europe USA and the UAE welcoming a wide diversity of travelers onto the islands via its 4 international airports.
  • Cape Verde is Europe’s closest Tropical Islands with an average flight time of 5.5. Hours from all major European cities.
  • International flights have increased to Boa Vista international Airport by over 400% in the last 2 years, outlining clear indications of the islands growing popularity with holiday makers.
  • Beautiful beaches, rich in colonial history, natural beauty and ecological wonders.
  • Socially very stable with no religious/political conflict or civil unrest.
  • Cape Verde enjoys a stable democratic system. (U.S. Ambassador Marianne Myles). Its multi party democracy actively encourages foreign investment.
  • Property is protected by national laws ensuring the same rights for foreign investors and locals.
  • 12 month holiday season and glorious climate ensures continually high occupancy rates and in turn, exceptionally high rental yields.