14 March 2012

Palm View Living

The architectural theme and style of the resort will be evocative of familiar high end resorts reflecting sophisticated layouts and facades. The very low percentage rate of building density stipulated by Cape Verde’s Planning Authority allows the resort to be very spaciously laid out while also incorporating beautiful areas of landscaped grounds.

All properties will come in supreme turn-key condition with stylish and comfortable furniture and fittings selected by an award winning interior design team. Palm View Resort insistence on high standards of construction and finishes will ensure it achieves the expectations of being one of the worlds most acclaimed resorts.

The overall development was designed by an award winning team with great attention to preserve the unique local ecological environment, with conservation and Eco-awareness being to the forefront of the design process. In promoting sustainability and energy efficiency, solar panels will be installed to provide a renewable energy source to help in heating water. Also in keeping with our sustainability principles a water recycling system will be installed whereby ‘grey’ water can be used to help irrigate the lush landscaped grounds envisaged for the resort.

Why Invest in the Palm View Resort and Cape Verde : 

According to an IMF report in December 2009 GDP growth in Cape Verde held at 4% despite the economic downturn with this figure set to increase to 7.4% in 2013.

The IMF praised the prudent management and strong economic foundations undertaken by the Cape Verdean government  which has allowed the country to resist the impact of the global crisis well.( IMF Report December 2009)

Growth is expected to pick up, with inflation remaining low(IMF review 2009)

The GDP per Capita at current prices in US dollars in Cape Verde was reported at 3444.70 U.S. dollars in 2009, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2015, Cape Verde's GDP per Capita at current prices in US dollars is expected to be 5040.43 U.S. dollars.(Wikipedia)

Between 2000 and 2009, real GDP increased by over 7% per year, well above the average for small islands countries. The economy is service orientated, with a small part of GDP contributing from agriculture and fishing.  (IMF report)

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